Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Road Trip: Last Day + Chickpeas and tomatoes with flatbread

We rolled into Houston, Texas right at dinner time on the last full day of our roadtrip to visit Gustavo's sister, Yolanda, her husband, Alejandro, their four girls and the (crazy) sweet puppy! We did take one more day after that to drive to Atlanta, but as we just deadheaded it, I'm not counting it as a vacation day ;)

We got there on Friday night, and it was that perfect collision of teenagers, preteens, little girls performing skits and can we turn down that volume? Here is Alejandro, turning down the volume--or perhaps turning it up--might have been a good song :) any myself, playing with a camera.

Yollie, Alejandro and I talking...

Imaginary Guacamole with the mortar and pestle!

hmmm, we may have consumed a few modelos...

Here we are, trying to take a group photo:

All right, enough with that! A great time with the family--our biggest regret is that we didn't stake out a few days in Houston. Alejandro has an amazing ceviche recipe that I covet. We will be back ;)

In the meantime, here's a quick pantry staple recipe that I have grown fond of while procrastinating on the grocery trip ;) First, pull out your leftover pizza dough, ball it up, and let it rise for 30 minutes. (what? some people don't make a big batch of pizza dough every weekend? blasphemy!)

Meanwhile, cook down an onion until caramelized. Add 2 small cloves garlic, jalapeƱos, 3T. sofrito (I have some store bought for use in a pinch, but homemade freezes well...) can of whole tomaotes broken up, and one can of garbanzos, rinsed. Cook on medium low until bread is finished. A good herb to add would be parsley--I added lemon basil and I'm still on the fence with that decision.

Press your pizza dough into rough 6" rounds, on greased pan. Preheat oven to top temp or preheat cast iron skillet. I did the oven because I wanted to sit on the porch and enjoy the mild autumn temps.

Baked at 500 for 6 minutes, then browned under broiler:

Serve--Ideally I think you would use fresh parsley and squeeze a bit of lemon on it. If none of that is available, its still pretty decent.

I went to Michigan last weekend and totally left my camera charging in the kitchen. BAD! At any rate, I'm headed there again in December and won't make the same mistake.

Next weekend? Myrtle Beach Half Marathon--broken toe or not, I'm running this as fast as I can :)


Jenn said...

Mmmm...chickpeas. I cracked up at the imaginary guacamole.

Marjie said...

Goofy family photos are best. You should see the outtakes for our Thanksgiving photo. Looks like somewhere between 16 and 20 people this year, plus Thor and maybe a cat. That will be a hard picture to get right! Glad you had time to visit Tavo's sister!