Thursday, July 31, 2008

blog on hiatus..

Our house was broken into again, this time they took our camera. Blog is on hiatus until we get another camera.

Economy is just bad, huh? Breaking through a fence to break into a house to take a camera. Luckily, the alarm went off and they left without taking anything else.


Tanja said...

You guys need to move. Come to Marietta, you would be close to Ryan and I.

Latayy said...

That is just horrible.
I am really sorry to hear things.
Last night my dad was telling me to move my cam out of site esp near windows and I was like whatever
I am currently moving out so I am trying to get my stuff together
Sorry to hear

buffalodickdy said...

I sure hope you have insurance for this... Glad nobody hurt, too..

tommie said...

Iam so sorry!

Is T still moving with a PCS?

doggybloggy said...


TavoLini said...

Tanja--I know this neighborhood is going to turn around! We'll be patient...

Tay--Luckily no one was hurt, nothing too serious was taken--but I definitely agree with your dad :)

Buff--thanks--yeah, I don't think I'm going to make a claim for just a camera--but we did reinforce the fence!

Tommie--I don't understand what you're asking--I'll ask Tavo to respond


Tanja said...

I do not blame you, you do have a beautiful house.