Thursday, July 17, 2008

Santos and the Sex Motel

We left Sao Paulo city and decided to go to the coast. Santos is a harbor/beach town on the ocean in the State of Sao Paulo. Here we are with all our worldly possessions.

And the bus we took to head out:

The favelas of Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo State

Ahh, we're in Santos! Let's get a beer and walk to the beach

We also decided to partake in what continues to be the oddest assortment of pizza, ever. This one had ham, green peas, cut up boiled egg, a distinctly un-mozzerella type cheese, and a flaky crust. I skipped on the meat, and it perfect with beer.

After walking *hours* to get to the beach, we asked around rates for hotels. Goodness! All were hundreds of reals, which was waaaay over our budget. But, back in that part of town with lots of homeless people and creepy alleys (Bus stations are ALWAYS in that part of town), there were some extremely reasonably priced motels. 25 reals per night! We went to one and said we'd like a room.

"How many hours?" (he said this in Portuguese--I'm translating for you)
"um...all night."
"All night? You sure?"
"That will be 50 reals"
"The promotion says 25 reals"
"That's after 8 pm"
So, we walked around for a few hours and came back at 8, for our 25 real (30 for breakfast) room.

The promotion banner:

What sound effects! It was decently clean, though. Loud, but clean.

Built in radio in the wall--speakers are higher up.

We did take percautions.

Windows were slatted--you couldn't see through the slats--although we tried.

Questionable heating system for the shower... those are bare wires.

After deciding all was good, we decided to get libations

Rum! This store was interesting--all the bars and restaurants were closed everywhere--but the bar here at the supermarket was hopping. We did end up having a couple beers and cheering on the local soccer match after purchasing our goods.

Tavo found a palm branch--and brandished our rum to scare away any non-drinkers.

We passed a fun evening--and were pleasantly surprised with our included breakfast--bread, ham, cheese, papaya, juice and coffee. Much better than the deep fried pizza we'd had thus far.

Oh, and we did notice the "special" tv channel

No, this elevator isn't scary at all. I'm sure its up to code!


Look! Brazilian Bill Murray is at the bus stop!

And we hopped on our next bus.


doggybloggy said...

I've stayed in scarier places in mexico....those bare wires sure makes you want to hop right in that shower...

TavoLini said...

hahaha--I've stayed in scarier places in the States! There was a particular Arkansas motel missing a door knob and crickets jumping on the bed--and the other tenants...

Tanja said...

Looks so cool, I wish I was there. That hotel room does look a bit weird. :)

snowelf said...

Hey guys,

See...this is the kind of stuff that makes me terrified of traveling outside the U.S.

Although, I have to give you the crickets thing! Yikes!!

I loved the "to scare away other non-drinkers" and "Brazilian Bill Murray" comment. How much did that guy seriously look like Bill Murray!!


buffalodickdy said...

Cool you two could take that trip! High adventure!

TavoLini said...

Tanja--it honestly wasn't that bad, but it was certainly LOUD

Snow--its worth it to travel--just plan ahead (unlike us!) Its funny--we didn't realize how much he looked like Bill Murray until we printed the pics :)

Buff--we try!