Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sunday Brunch

Colder today--went for a jog and the rain started 2 miles in..of course I was still two miles from home as well. It eased, but I came home ready for a hot shower and some do blueberry pancakes sound?

Blueberries have been on sale at all the stores here, so I grabbed a few packs to eat and freeze for smoothies.

Mix the batter and let it set up for a minute--necessary for consistency--batter thickens.

First pancake blues--the trick here is to make sure your pan is hot enough. No one ever wants to wait, I always do a lone, tiny starter just to ensure correct temperature.

all good--let's get serious.

The maple syrup sticks!!!! Hooray for Tavo's Super Strength :)

Here' Tavo's plate--he's a purist. Maple syrup and butter.

I put yogurt on mine.

Time for another cup of coffee and our day begins...(hey Buffalo--I'm wearing a Wayne State sweatshirt--there's some Michigan pride for you! My alma mater)


buffalodickdy said...

Pancakes (carb-loading!) is always a good idea after a cold, wet run..
Wayne State? Are you a lawyer?

Tavolini said...

haha, a Librarian. Close, though ;)

pinknest said...

awesome!! i was thinking of pancakes this weekend, too. i hate how it takes super strength to open the syrup!

doggybloggy said...

mmmmmmmm pancakes and yours look so golden and perfect

Beth said...

Hey!! Thanks for commenting on my blog!!!

now..pancakes. I am SO NOT a pancake person...I don't know what it is, but I get sick everytime I eat them..(you'd think I'd QUIT eating them then, huh? ;) )But these pancakes look yummy!..esp. with the yogurt.

so you're a friend of Buff's huh? You guys are killing me with the food pictures!!! Esp, those potatoes!!! I LOVE potatoes!!

and the picture of all the Britneys!!!!!! LOL!!

The Kept Woman said...

I think I just drooled on my keyboard.

Yum!!! They look great!

Anonymous said...

Nice job on the pancakes. You're hired! It's a nice shot of you trying to open the maple syrup. haha. I think you're ready for Iron chef. :-)

Sprocket said...

man i miss that place, well i am some what settled in so i should be posting on my blog, and lucy is loving the snow. but anyways ill talk to yall later its too damn cold up here have a goodin

Anette said...

I put frozen blueberries on my branflakes in the morning. Makes the milk icecold and blue. Its yummy!Your pancakes though, Think I'll try it your way one day!

TavoLini said...

Pink--I concur--but I don't know how to make the jug easier to open..saran wrap?
Doggy--thanks, dude!
Beth--I'm more of a bagel and cream cheese person myself...every now and then I need some sweet
Zen--only if the secret ingredient is Aunt Jemima
SPROCKET!!!! We miss you terribly--you know that you are always welcome to get "bored" and come back to ATL--front room is yours!
Anette--hey, there is lots to be said on the quality and integrity of blue milk :)