Thursday, February 14, 2008

so ready for spring time...we went to the beach

Last Sunday, Tavo didn't have to report to USMC drill, so we decided to have a day by the beach. It wasn't balmy, but it was definitely not cold--that is good enough for us! We packed up some beer, some snacks, our lawn chairs and headed to Lake Lanier for beach reading and hiking on some of the trails nearby.

The drought is very evident here--the water used to come all the way up to the tree line. This is the lake that the Chattahoochee flows into, and that Georgia, Alabama, and the wildlife in Florida are all clamoring about. It has risen, but is still at its lowest level since the Buford Dam went up and formed the Lake in 1956. It's interesting, because tree stumps, etc. are visible now. Rumor has it that they flooded the valley, and full houses, bridges and other structures still exist in the lakes depths.

Here is our beach paradise. Apparently we were the only ones who decided it was warm enough.

Let's hope for some Rainy Nights in Georgia.


buffalodickdy said...

Free Snow! Provide own trucking. Pick up in Michigan....

doggybloggy said...

thats a southwestern paradise or more like an oasis....still it seemed serene

Tavolini said...

Buffalo--I ran away from that very snow ;)

Doggy--it does look like we're in the southwest...wait until all the kudzu comes in, then it'll look like Georgia again.