Sunday, April 17, 2011

On Gratuities....

Had an odd but curious moment at Corner Tavern in L5P. Waiter politely confronts (oxymoron) patron of a 3top and asks, in so many words "why won't you leave a tip?" This guy proceeds to make light of the situation: "hey man, we're artists", waiter doesn't take this as answer. Unfortunately got ugly from there. Finally, everyone calms and this guy jokes at first, but in 2 minutes is just enraged with anti-everyone but the people that are at his table. So I move sides to make sure I can see this guy's actions. Finally it got quiet and he smashed the glass against the wall and they split.
The waiters storm out like The Jets vs. (whatever it was in WSS). But the Jets are long gone.

Who was in the wrong? I think it's impolite and rude and cheap not to tip - but one thing it is not, is illegal. In the end, it is not mandatory. I waited tables on college like most people I knew. Plus this guy called him out not only in front of his friends, but also in front of the entire patio. That's the dicker move. I think this waiter's manager would have a better appreciation for the money the waiter just lost him from the these customers in the future. If the bar isn't open - no one makes money.
Then again, this guy at the table was kind of a racist dick.

Look what Obama makes you sign as:

Other news...this guy is a local that is reporting after that tragic killing last last week in Rio. It's so terribly timed with the release of that new movie. Oddly, I didn't see anything about this when it occured in ATL or american papers. CNN didn't have it before I left and it was no where on AJC's mind. There was something about a killing of 5 in Scotland(?). I digress, he is saying something beautiful about the will of the people, 40 years, etc...but ALL I can focus on is his paint covered face. HOLY SHIT man, why do you have so much paint on your face? Where you painting the ceiling by hand? WTF. There are cameras on, clean yourself buddy.
Anyways it's great for one of those FAIL captions.



Marjie said...

I've had 3 daughters wait tables in restaurants and bars. There are a lot of jerks out there. But the girls are all well aware that you do not tell off a customer for not tipping or under tipping, because word spreads that you're an asshole. There's no easy answer here.

Anonymous said...