Monday, December 21, 2009

Yellow River Park--some mountain biking and a jog

We got up early on Saturday so I could run the Virginia Highlands Christmas 5K. Although it was chilly, mid-forties, it wasn't raining and that is a bonus around here :)

We decided to follow it up with some mountain biking for Tavo and a hike for me. Here is Tavo on his new bike.

The sun is trying to peak though...
Off he goes! You can see that we were about the only people at the park.
It was too chilly to just hike, so I jogged the trails. Yellow River really flooded--I turned around when the trail looked like this--but Tavo just went right through it!
More river shots--its a really beautiful park. I loved having it to ourselves.
This sign was pretty funny--there were about 4 of them along the trail...

Here's a very muddy Tavo--back from his ride!
and we followed it up with a hot bowl of soup and grilled cheese...which I forgot to take pictures of. All of you have seen soup and grilled cheese before, though.

Happy Holidays!


girlichef said...

I wonder what exactly constitutes an annoying noise? LOL!! That is definitely some winter-beaty :D And you are too cute in your little Santa hat!

Katherine Aucoin said...

almost looksl ike the trail wore Tavo out - lol.

you look adroable in your Santa jogging outfit.

Merry Christmas to you both!

Anonymous said...

Love your Santa jogging outfit!

Jenn said...

40 degrees, eh? The last time we has it close to that cold was a couple weeks ago. It's been mostly between the 50s to early 70s around here. LA weather can be like a tempermental child sometimes.

Love the 5k outfit. Very festive ;-D Love that sign the say s "annoying noises prohibited"

Have a merry Christmas and happy holidays

Marjie said...

I love that sign: "Annoying Noises prohibited." I need one of those for my house sometimes!

Merry Christmas, Tavo & Lini!

buffalodick said...

If I would have had some soup in the pantry- that's what we'd be eating tonight!

doggybloggy said...

now thats some flooding - looks like a great park and your elven look is way too cute!