Tuesday, December 22, 2009

tribute, Lini style

This has been a very tough year for us. I am thankful that we have our health and that our families are doing well. I have to admit, I'm glad this year is over, too!

Major fires, living in a skeleton of a house in the winter, losing jobs, and all sorts of things that probably shouldn't have been (and some things that weren't) published in a blog.

This has been a very hard year, 2009. I am glad you are almost over!

Here is a song--Tavo will endure my Joni Mitchell. Honestly, though--this is poor quality video, but as a former smoker, I love listening to her alto.


Jenn said...

I know that feeling all too well. This has been n up and down year for me as well. But here's to new and better new year.

buffalodick said...

I think a lot of us gloss over the bad things that happened, figuring everybody has their own troubles..
Wishing you a great 2010!

Marjie said...

That which doesn't kill us only makes us stronger, or so they say. It sure doesn't make it any less miserable as those bad times occur. Here's hoping for a much happier 2010!

Merry Christmas!

pinknest said...

Merry Christmas to both of you guys. And a toast to a better and fantastical New Year! 2009, good riddance!