Thursday, August 13, 2009

Like the new header?

Header is planned for the ETSY page, I'm just trying it out on you guys :) It was a decently busy day at work, but I will doodle as long as I have a few seconds and a piece of paper.

It is past bedtime, but I'm excited so I have to just tell you a little something. We are going to Colombia for Tavo's birthday (in a couple weeks!!) Ever heard of Jet Blue? They are insanely cheap. No hub in Atlanta, but we found some tickets from Florida to Colombia for $89 each way!! To South America!! Yeah, we got them.

This is where Tavo's parents are from, so we will visit lots of family. We're very excited and I need to brush up on my Spanish--okay, I need to learn basic Spanish in about 3 weeks. Any recommendations? Here are some random pictures of Bogota, just to get everyone in the spirit!

Thank you to the photographers who provided these photos.

(bluelephant on flickr)



We've been discussing visiting Colombia for a minute. I think it will be an excellent vacation.


doggybloggy said...

I like the header - its so airy. So cool to be going to columbia - I went once around 2004 - I went to cartagena.

Jenn said...

I like it too. very fun looking. It's definitely a keeper. One of my best friends if Colombian. I've always wanted to visit the country. How exciting!

tommie said...

Love the header...very cute!

What a great deal on airfare. JetBlue is also doing a sale in Aug for all the travel you can do for like $600.

Anonymous said...

The header is neat! How exciting that you're going to Colombia - fun!

buffalodick said...

Header is great, maybe I ought to change mine someday... Naaah!

snowelf said...

I think the new header is adorable!! Very cute!

Have an excellent time in Colombia. I still smile when I think back to the time you saw Brazillian Bill Murray. Hehe!


The Blonde Duck said...

I like it!

Alexander said...

The new header kicks the ass.

And Columbia would be delightful! We've been thinking about Costa Rica.