Friday, July 24, 2009

July 24, 2009

This has been a good day.

Here are some songs that are linked to celebrate:

Ice Cube
(Have to admit--we will ALWAYS hit up the Fatburger -- hands down, best veggie burger, ever.)

This pic is from Tequila and Donuts flickr account. Yo, check it out. This is the Veggie Burger, with Skinny Fries, from FatBurger. Basically, this is why I will never lose weight. So tasty.

Though I prefer Pete Seeger's version, here is "Kisses Sweeter than Wine"

and this one is for Tavo--the Woody Guthrie is for me and the Wilco is for you


Jenn said...

Geez...I haven't had a fatburger in ages!! Why must you temp me? LOL. Glad it was a good day.

btw...I posted that potato salad the other day. ;-)

buffalodick said...

After the BB-Q contest, somebody else cooking sounds great...

Alexander said...

Wow, so is that a veggie pattie? or is it like just vegetables, I can't tell...