Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fireworks, Friends and Food

A couple of young men decided to take a quick trip to Alabama and grab some fireworks...
Wait--here's a close up of that one. O-Bomb-A

Here are some shots of the race! Natalie and I running--I'm on the right with the sunglasses. This is about 6 miles in, so we're almost at the finish line.

Post race, we went to our friend Mark's house for pool swimming and firework watching!

(I'm there, too. I'm the one that is a foot shorter than everyone else)

Every single pizza place was closed! Every single Chinese food place was closed! Even the wing place was closed! No worries, though. Somehow a box of rice and a bag of frozen veggies managed to feed all eight of us--chicken, too, for the non-veggies ;)
Happy Fourth of July!!


Chef E said...

Glad you two are doing well and had fun with friends. We kept quiet this year, but could hear the works outside our condo...Princeton is not so big, so every year you can hear them like they are in our back yard...veggie sambar for our dinner too!

~~louise~~ said...

It sure looks like you "guys" had a GREAT 4th. "Grub" and all! Kudos to you for running that race. I'm just "learning" how to walk LOL...

Jenn said...

A simple way to celebrate the 4th food, friends and some fireworks.

Congrats again for finishing the 10k!!!

Katherine Aucoin said...

Looks like ya'll had a wonderful 4th. Love the Obama fireworks! That's something worth blowing up!

I got caught up on your blog and am flattered you still like my etouffe. I usually make a face when I watch Paula cook Cajun, the addition of Ro-tel tomatoes would tend to make me make that face - lol!

buffalodick said...

What kind of food was that to serve Southern folks? You are makin' us Michiganders look bad!

TavoLini said...

Chef E--veggie sambar sounds good, indeed!

Louise--thanks! It was a great Fourth!

Jenn--thanks! It was fun, definitely :)

Katherine--your Etoufee can not be beat!

Buffalo--we weren't at my house--seriously, there was NOTHING else to cook, there!

Anonymous said...

tried to comment yesterday and it did not happen I see. Anyways that challah looks so good but I see it would take some work to veganize it. Everything closed in the USA.I am shocked even on a public holiday ppl still open to make money. Well u pulled through and made dinner.