Monday, October 20, 2008

Sunday afternoon

I was in Athens most of last week for a Librarian Conference (please, contain your excitement!) Actually, it was really a good time and I've got a whole new bag of tricks to try on my students.

So, Tavo and I took it easy over the weekend and just enjoyed seeing each other after a week apart. Saturday morning, we went to Oakland Cemetery's "Run Like Hell" 5K. We were supposed to meet our friends there--but never actually found them. So I ran it and we headed back to the house to paint trim (Tavo) and read a book in the sun (me--yep, I'm usually the lazy one!)

We had some friends over in the evening and I walked up to the local liquor store instead of driving to the nice store. Our local liquor store is a VERY SKETCHY establishment complete with dirty bulletproof Plexiglas separating myself and the random homeless patrons from the selection of liquor and the clerks who know absolutely nothing about liquor whatsoever. So, after wiping a clean spot on the glass--I spied a 10% off shelf, and had the clerk read the price on each before settling on a handle of Old Hickory Bourbon. Have you ever heard of this? It has a picture of Andrew Jackson on the label.

At any rate, it was very dusty, probably 25+ years old, and $15. Works for me. We did a good job on it--and no one was hungover the next day, so all in all it was actually quite good bourbon. I even jogged Sunday morning.

In the afternoon, we went to Fontaine's, in the Virginia-Highlands section of Atlanta. That's 1026 1/2 N. Highland Ave, to be exact. We actually got there just in time for Happy Hour and enjoyed 1/2 price crab legs and $2 Sam Adams. Perfect! The food was delicious, too. Here's a slightly ethereal picture of me enjoying my clam chowder and eyeing Tavo's ginormous muffaletta. (I'm stealing his tator tots with my fork)

Delicious! Hope all of you had a good weekend.


doggybloggy said...

half price crab 15 dollar handles life sounds good down south....except whats the full price crab go for and then I will get really jealous

snowelf said...

I love the description of your liquor store! It's like right out of a movie!


buffalodick said...

I used to guzzle booze and run the next day too- when I was younger... should have kept up with the jogging, and cut out the boozing...

The Blonde Duck said...

I want a muffaleta! Le sigh.

Athens Texas or Athens Greece?

Anonymous said...

The week end was cool except Doggybloggy got a free meal sponsored by Foodbuzz at Spice Market, and i didn't. Damned!

Love your liquor store. Sounds dangerous. :-)

TavoLini said...

Doggy--the full price order was $16.00, so it was $8 for 3 clusters. I was impressed!

Snow--I love your new picture! Yes, next time I will take photos. Its seriously creepy.

Buffalo--well, I just do as Andrew Jackson tells me to!

Blonde Duck--both sound exotic! I was in Athens, GA. Home of REM and B-52's

Zen--probably because you were hobnobbing out in the Hamptons :) Yes! I only go to that liquor store during daylight hours.

tommie said...

I love your description of the liquor store. Despite living in a dry county (who even knew they STILL have those?), I live on the Bourbon Trail. Heaven Hill, Jim Beam, and Maker's Mark are all within 30 min of here!

But my native Indian blood can't handle the liquor! So no bourbon for me.

TavoLini said...

Tommie--I hadn't heard of dry counties until I moved to the south either--but get this. Somehow, I have managed to live in 3 states that do not sell alcohol or beer on Sundays. I hadn't heard of that, either! Kansas, South Carolina and Georgia. Nuts, eh?