Sunday, September 21, 2008

We did it!!!

Our big project, which took almost two years (actually, just 6-8 days of really hard work and about 600 to procrastinate) is done. We painted our half painted house....but actually finished this time!

...back in time....

We have a very old house...and we got it for a good price. That means that this wall of siding was pretty much rotten. We scraped and scraped and primered...but sometimes, its better just to call Dad and say, hey--can you come down from Detroit and teach me the fine art of residing a house?

Dad said, sure! Put a few Budweiser on ice for me. (I am lucky to have great parents!!)

Mom said, do you want me to start painting the unrotted parts? I had bought this khaki paint, but I didn't really like it. Especially when my neighbor painted their house about 2 tints from it. I'd joined the beige/khaki crowd, half-heartedly.

Mom is the fastest painter this side of the Mississippi...seriously. She did all this, with just a brush, in about 20 minutes. forward 1 1/2 years...our house is half painted weird khaki, with the other parts (those by overgrown bushes and other very mosquito-y areas still original green) I was at a breaking point. Our house had been half-painted for more than a year, and our tallest ladder couldn't reach the top. Three of our neighbors had a ridiculously similar shade of khaki/tan. We needed to make a change. So....we decided to buy some red paint.
oh, and we painted. We started Saturday, with 2 brushes and a 5 gallon.

and we had vittles. I'd actually bought some ground round to make burgers for Tavo. I generally do not buy meat--actually, I have not done it since I ate meat (more than 10 years) ...but Tavo had been so gung ho on this project that I wanted to surprise him with a hamburger on a homemade bun (btw--homemade buns are kind of hard, at least mine were. While tasty, I will probably use store bought buns next time, because these were just too dense)

Hamburger. (has garlic, onion, cumin and coriander mixed in beef, also fresh tomato and broccoli slaw)
...and my jerk tofu burger. Again with the overpowering, tough bun!! The slaw was OK, but I'm going to either get a cabbage or buy the cabbage slaw bag next time. Broccoli slaw is very...broccoli.

The jerk tofu was right on. Not too much of a recipe here, I just freeze it, squeeze it, and fry it.

before we ate, had to trim out at least 2 sides of the house...

Post eating, Tavo enjoyed being 20+ feet above the rest of us. (then we realized we needed a 30 ft. ladder to reach the peaks)

It's too dark to take any more pictures right now, but...we finished. Need to do some trim work, but the fact that house, and peaks, are painted is pretty awesome. Yes!

p.s. I would try and hide our address, but the fact that food delivery places and google maps can't find our place makes me feel okay.


buffalodick said...

Good for you! My first house, I had to burn the paint off down to the wood, stain, then paint! Never again!

doggybloggy said...

freeze it squeeze it and fry looks great....and thanks for the birthday wishes...I dont know how you knew the date (maybe I mentioned it and forgot)

The Blonde Duck said...

Your house looks so cute and welcoming! I can't believe ya'll took on such a major project. Our house is full of bland white walls because I can't force myself to paint them!

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Your house is so cute. And your last sentence made me laugh ;o)

P.S. Good guess on my post!

Michelle Ann said...

Where's my room? I want to move in! :)

tommie said...

What great parents! Will work for beer....gotta love it.

TavoLini said...

Buffalo--burn it off?!? I don't think I could do that! Our neighbors would have the fire dept over, pronto!

Doggy--I just throw the whole package in, and squeeze the water out when I thaw it :) Thanks!

Blonde--it took a LONG time before we finally bit the bullet and just did it!

CCV--Thanks! I've got to check your blog--the suspense is killing me!

Michelle Ann--The one in front has your name all over it!

Tommie--they are! They're coming down this weekend, so I'm glad we FINALLY got the house done!

pinknest said...

your house is so cute!!!! i'd paint for vittles like that, oh yes. good work!