Monday, April 14, 2008

inappropriate gravy, coconut soup that looks weird, and some exciting news..

It's not been a great cooking weekend for me thus far. That's okay, because other good news has far outweighed a few odd meals.

Here are my not-so-gorgeous biscuits, obviously I'm not a true southerner.

And I had leftover red wine, so I ended up making a rich, mushroomy, dark completely inappropriate gravy. It was such a meaty, night time gravy.

We each munched a polite bite, set the rest aside for dinner and went for a more appropriate, TavoLini-esque sunday breakfast:

While doing up lunches for the week to come, we decided on Coconut Shrimp Curry soup. Got the mushrooms and curry and grated ginger going...

Tavo wasn't a fan of the fish sauce smell--actually I'm not a fan either! Our house reeks of it.

Added the coconut milk

raw peeled shrimp (I swear, this $4 for a lb of shrimp sale should NEVER end...)

squeezed the lime juice..

And the soup--the coconut milk stayed kind of separated throughout the cooking. Don't know why exactly. But it tasted fine, regardless. Packed up for lunches.

(whoa! see that ring finger squeezing the lime? It's true--Tavo proposed over the weekend :) Yeah!!! That's the big news) I love you babe!


Anette said...

The soup looks lovely, and as for the rock on your finger: Congratulations!

doggybloggy said... sweet...soon to be mrs. tavo...good job right on are next...

The Kept Woman said...

OK, is it wrong that I'm focused on the door behind Tavo? It's louvered and very cool looking!!!

buffalodickdy said...

Congrats on the engagment! Maybe you'll learn to make biscuits before the wedding... otherwise, you'll have to move back North...

TavoLini said...

Doggy--well, let's not rush things..
TKW--The laundry room door does hold appeal for many :)
Buffalo--no! not the great white north!!!

Sara said...

that mushroom gravy looks amazing! I love the color.

TavoLini said...

Sara--those were your plantation biscuits that I managed to destroy ;)
The gravy was good, just would probably be better on mashed potatoes or a steak.