Monday, March 21, 2011

Delia's Chicken Sausage Stand

Everytime I think the ATL can't get any better - something like Delia's CSS comes along. I got the 'GunnSlinger', a chicken sausage wrapped in what appeared to be a gluten-free bun. Of course like all hip places on the 20 side of things, they subcontract their bread to Holeman & Finch(home to the 2130 limited edition burgers to share with the surgeons-in-residency crowd).
But I digress.

So along with the sausage dog which had tons of guac and a mole(i think) we got this chocolate and chocolate shake that was impossible with the straw. You need a stick of pvc and a shop-vac to tried to "sip" this thing. So just use a spoon because it's HEAVEN.

They had this awesome thick cheese sauce for the wedges. Everything was awesome, but you really have to check yourself, because everything sounds like a good idea. They are quick on the upsale too, but hey, I do the same thing at work.
They got a great concept. Its like food truck quality and passion, but with a location. $15 was worth the splurge, I can't imagine eating this stuff at 3am(they are going for the late-night EAV crowd) when my post-bar food usually consists of a bag of fries or syrup on waffles. I think my brain won't be able to handle gourmet anti-hangover food.
Either way, I am stoked to see another great place in one of my fave places on earth, EAV. Great job, y'all, we WILL be back.

Lini awaiting deliciousness to arrive :)

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snowelf said...

If I'm ever in Atl, I am IN!