Saturday, May 29, 2010

Coney Island with Doggybloggy and the Pup

Hi guys--we are finally here in New York! Yesterday, after visiting the Museum of Arts and Design, we met up with Christo and his son Jackson to visit Coney Island. Most of you are familiar with his blog, but for those of you who aren't, take a gander at Chez What? He is one talented chef and a good friend as well.

Leaving Manhattan and heading to Brooklyn.

Check out this great photo of us taken by Jackson--in a moving car no less!

Well, you can't visit the boardwalk on Coney Island without having at least one hot dog. Where better to go than Nathan's?

Mmm chili cheese with onions...

We also had some fries (and an enormous beer!)

All right, now that our stomachs are full...let's ride the roller coaster! Not just any roller coaster, we rode the Cyclone, one of the most famous roller coasters in the world.

It's been around since 1927. You actually have to be 54" tall to ride it (I barely made the cut!) Tavo and I chose the front seat and managed to snap this picture before they took our camera.

Christo got this one as we came flying down!

Whew--that was scary! What else should we ride?

How about Deno's Wonder Wheel? This is another famous attraction that has been at Coney Island for 90 years. If you look at the picture below, you can see that the white cars are all the way out to the perimeter of the wheel. The blue and red cars are further you know why that is? BECAUSE the blue and red cars are on rollers and SWING back and forth, about 10-15 feet in either direction! Terrifying! Let's ride it :)

Some of us are smart and decided to keep both feet on the ground...

...Here's the rest of us, going up!

Some of us SCREAMED pretty much the whole time :)

While screaming, we did take in the view. Pretty cool, huh?

You can help but notice when you lurch towards the view at mach speed hahaha

We survived and lived to tell the tale.

...and frolic on the beach.

We used the metal detector, but didn't find any treasure.

These can be eaten, right? I can't remember what this is called, Christo pointed it out to us.
**Edit--this is an egg casing from a sting ray...and probably should NOT be eaten! hahahaha

Hop into the car and back to Manhattan. Thank you so much Christo and Jackson for a great afternoon!


doggybloggy said...

cool picture with the rearview mirror - the "thing" is a leftover egg casing from a sting ray - not edible that I know of. we had a good time too!

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buffalodick said...

Glad you guys got to meet- talked with you briefly on the phone! Looked like you had fun!

pinknest said...

love that you had the chili cheese dog! my favorite. looks like you guys had a blast.

Jenn said...

I couldn't wait to read about your trip when I saw you linked it up on FB. I wish i could go back and visit NY again soon. Once thing i didn't get a chance to do last time I was there was visit Coney Island. I've got to make a it a point to do so next time.

Looks like you guys had a great time. Now I want a hotdog!!