Monday, June 30, 2008

Sorry for the month long hiatus!!

...and we still haven't resized all the pics from Brasil--so just sit tight. Our neighbors and their free internet have moved away, so access is a bit spotty right now. Here's a quick meme that I did to speed up the afternoon :)

We should get pics up by the end of the week. Oh, and we're running the Peachtree Road Race (biggest 10K in the US) on the 4th--wish us luck!


Six things I could live without, but really wouldn’t want to:

Six movies I’ve never seen before:

Breakfast at Tiffany’s
Soylent Green
Catch 22
National Velvet
It’s a Wonderful Life
Mask of Zorro

Six of my pet peeves:

Having to work 40 hours a week
The cost of gas
My Tupperware containers disappearing
Bland food
Being interrupted while reading
People knocking on the door when I’m in the bathroom

Six things I really love doing:

Drinking beer
Listening to music
Talking with my friends

Six things I was into as a kid:

Making up games
Climbing trees

Six things I was into as a teenager:

Going to Detroit Film Theater
Long walks
Playing in the sand dunes
Hanging at the beach
Waiting tables (yeah, I used to like working!)


tommie said...

I am laughing and loving that beer made more than one category!

I am the same way about my wine.

doggybloggy said...

beer should be in all catergories...cant wait to see the pics.

snowelf said...

I'm going to steal this meme over the weekend. Just fyi. ;)
I have a thing against my tupperware disappearing too!

looking forward to the pics :)


buffalodickdy said...

Tupperware? We have lots of containers- with no damn lids! Good Luck on the race!

Cynthia said...

Looking forward to those pics!

TavoLini said...

Tommie--thanks for stopping by! Yes, I love, love love beer. And wine. I'm not very picky!

Doggy--I think I've seen all the beer movies, though...

Snow--why is it that tupperware just disappears? Drive me batty...

Buffalo--I have some lids for you--we can make this work :)

Cynthia--I've finally got some up--I have hundreds :)