Thursday, January 17, 2008

snowing in Georgia

Now, if you're from the North, this is going to seem a bit pitiful and silly--but in Atlanta, people go absolutely nuts if it snows. And if it snows and sticks to the ground? Go to the grocery store and buy everything on the shelves--we'll be stuck here forever!!!

So here is a picture of the miracle of snow last night, taken at 10 pm outside of our buddy's loft.

It melted by this morning, but last night was wild. Tavo picked me up from work and instead of fighting the midtown traffic, we (can you tell this is our favorite food?) at Rocky Mountain Pizza which is right by the Georgia Tech campus. (I really have no idea why a pizza place in midtown Atlanta is called Rocky Mtn Pizza) One of the redeeming features of this place is their extremely reasonably priced pitchers--$7 for a full pitcher of Harp:

and $9 for a pitcher of Sweetwater 420.

We couldn't decide which one to choose, so we had a pitcher of each--definitely a place to return to!


buffalodickdy said...

As a Michigan chick- you must wonder what the big deal is! We were in Alabama once in the spring- snow fell and they thought the world had ended...Played golf the next day in a sweater, watching guys wearing stocking hats...

tommie said...

sounds like Texas....the freaky behavior to snow or ice.

The pizza and beer sounds good!

pinknest said...

that is so funny. when i grew up in texas, it snowed i think once. and it was the most spectacular and shocking occasion ever. i loved it!

doggybloggy said...

forget the snow...dang they're giving beer away in Georgia.