Monday, July 30, 2007

esoteric text messages

Are you one of those people who text more than they talk? We recently met a girl at an art show, then again at a small festival in East Atlanta. We were supposed to go to a barbeque, but were unable to show up. Conversing with her is the oddest thing in the world. Here is a text message she sent me, relayed by an asian gal with a nicer cell phone than mine:

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And I didn't respond, although I felt like I should have. But what do I say? "hey boo yourself! Sit on my lap and we shall do a little jig." Or, "will boo come over and play with me?" Perhaps, "This is boo's boyfriend...girl, you better watch yourself" The possibilities are quite overwhelming, so I ended up with no response at all.

A couple days later, she sent another message. This time, it sounded like we were in the midst of a texting conversation. Hey, Asian girl--what did the text message say?

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So, I guess they're moving. What should I respond to my new "boo"? A girl I don't even know? Let's ask the Asian gal:

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Sounds good to me.

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