Sunday, February 10, 2013

Ahh February--Rain, Beach and Curry Tofu with Peppers

Although I've made curries before, I don't think I've ever written out one for tofu. This is one of my dishes that is in regular rotation. I just use the basic recipe on the back of the Blue Mountain Curry bottle.

For the tofu itself, I blot and cut cubes, baking them at 425 for approximately 30-35 minutes. I season them with just soy sauce, to give the tofu a little bit of a salty flavor. Of course, you could do a much more advanced marinade--this is just simple and quick. I use one of the million little packs of soy sauce that always seem to be in the fridge from Chinese take out.

Otherwise...its been raining.

Often. That doesn't stop me from getting frozen yogurt, though...

I went to the beach, as well. Just to get a break from all this rain and cold. So nice to live in the South, where one can get to a beach in 5 hours.  Have a great week, everyone!

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